About LuckyHoodie.com

I’m Stefan Ivanov, a Bulgarian Businessman/Gamer/Blogger/Seller.


It is nice to present you with my website LuckyHoodie.Com! Simple not only in design, name, navigation, layout, and information for you, the “Guest”! I like for you to have a good stay and find the information we provide helpful so you can buy cheaper, from good sellers, with care for the products, and unique information from us. You, the “guest”, are a part of us. And that is why the information provided is true and made only for helping to make the right choice!


I come from Bulgaria. We are not the richest but still not the worse financial country. I have a full-time job in the capital Sofia and work from home as an affiliate here at Luckyhoodie.com. I failed my University but fortunately found out about wealthy affiliates. Interesting place that shared the knowledge and platform to help me make income from blogging. You can check it out for free with a basic plan and maybe decide for yourself.


I am happy to present this blog with opinions on various products showing something for everyone. I try working on my PC at home to stop working at my current job, so why not help each other? Sharing information with whoever needs it, and having a good time reading about it. And this is the reason behind this site.


Thanks for the stay and I wish you all a good day.

Your friendly blogger Stefan Ivanov